We have your vision covered no matter what hobby or sport you play. Whether you swim, snowboard/ski, golf, bike, snowshoe or just about any other sport. 

Sport Glasses 


Adidas performance sunglass frames which can be made with prescription tinted or clear lenses.


True performance frames, with adjustable nose pads and temples these frames wont fall down your face whether your running, biking, climbing, or playing tennis.


Some of the lightest sport glasses on the market, many forget they are wearing them.


High wrap lenses (even with Rx) enhancing peripheral vision. Shamir technology allows for the highest range of prescriptions to date. 


We also carry kids sport glasses from Leader, which are ideal for any sport. 

PrescriptionSwim goggles 

We carry prescription swim goggles from both Speedo and Leader. 

Sport Lenses

High wrap prescription lenses in Adidas frames allow for excellent peripheral vision, sun-protection, adaptability in changing light conditions and more.


Progressive Golf lenses! Lenses designed specifically for golf, so that you don't lose your ball immediately after a long drive, but also keeping the ball at your feet clear. (Learn More)


RXO Runner, a progressive lens for an active lifestyle. Made for running, biking and activities where far and intermediate distance vision is most important.

Snow Goggles


Come try on some of our Zeiss and Adidas performance snow goggles. 


Inserts with your exact prescription can be made with any of our goggles.


Have a favorite pair of goggles? Bring them in to see if our inserts will fit.