Prescription Ski Goggle Inserts

With ski season right around the corner, it’s the perfect time to get your gear out of storage and see if prescription ski goggle inserts are for you. Prescription goggle inserts are inserts that hold your glasses prescription and sit inside a ski/snow goggle. They allow you to see clearly without the discomfort of wearing glasses under your goggles. They can also be used in place of contact lenses that may feel dry or uncomfortable while skiing. If you prefer not to wear your glasses or contact lenses while skiing/snowboarding, consider calling 403-719-5590 or stopping by Terra Vision Care to get yourself some inserts (please book appointment before coming into the office so that we may ensure physical distancing and prevent crowding in the office). The inserts are universal fit and will fit most goggles. When you come into the office, we recommend you bring your goggle to make sure the insert fits. We also have a selection of goggles to choose from. Please also bring your helmet and prescription. We will ask you to wear your helmet and goggle while we take measurements to align your prescription in front of your pupils.

Below is a new video of Dr. Dave showing how the prescription goggle inserts work.

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