Prescription Safety Eyewear for Work, including for AHS workers

Terra Vision Care can help provide prescription eye protection. Rather than wearing goggles over top of one’s own prescription glasses, we can make prescription safety glasses that meet CSA criteria.

On Dec 7, 2020 the Alberta Health Services PPE Taskforce published a notice called “Bringing My Own PPE to Work.”

Terra Vision Care can help AHS workers who are looking for prescription safety eyewear. Our prescription safety glasses are made to CSA standards. Many frame models are available to choose from, including those that fit closely to the face at the top/brow area and both sides. If your workplace requires it, we also have D3 droplet-rated goggles which have a tight seal between the goggle and the face.

Prescription safety glasses can be cleaned with soap and water - this is the most common way of disinfecting them. The use of soap and water, unlike some other cleaning agents, is also gentle on the frames and lenses. Prescription safety glasses may also be disinfected using 70% isopropyl alcohol prep pads.

We have a wide selection of safety frames to choose from. Our safety frames range from $80-$250. Single vision lenses start at $155 for CSA-approved lenses. Progressive lenses start at $360 for CSA-approved lenses. Turn-around time to make prescription safety glasses is about 3-4 weeks because they go through safety testing.

Good fit and comfort are a priority for safety glasses, so we recommend coming in to try them on before committing to any model. All visits to Terra Vision Care are currently by appointment. Please bring a non-expired prescription along with you, or we can arrange an eye exam to get you an updated prescription as well. You may book an appointment to try on safety frames by calling our office at 403-719-5590, or use our online booking tool to book an eye exam.

Take care and stay safe!

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