Enhance your vision on the ski hill!

Do you have a difficult time assessing the slope, or seeing people and obstacles, while skiing or snowboarding? It’s not uncommon - mountain conditions can be fairly harsh and make visibility poor for anyone.

However, there are ways to improve your vision so that you can ski more confidently, comfortably and safely.


If you wear glasses or contact lenses, but prefer not to while skiing or snowboarding, another option for you are prescription ski goggle inserts. Prescription goggle inserts are lenses that sit inside your goggle. They replace your glasses so you don't have to wear glasses underneath your goggles and they are less likely to fog than glasses. They can also be a better option than contact lenses for people who experience dryness or discomfort with their contact lenses while skiing.


Lenses that filter out certain wavelengths are another way to enhance vision and performance. By filtering out certain wavelengths the lenses can enhance contrast and make colors pop for different environments. LUMALENS harnesses this technology and are available in Dragon goggles.

When you come into our office for a fitting, please bring your helmet, your own goggle if you have one (we also have goggles in the clinic to choose from), and your prescription. We will ask you to wear your helmet and goggles while we take measurements to align the prescription in front of your pupils.

Please call 403-719-5590 or email reception@terravisioncare.ca to arrange an appointment, or if you have any questions.

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