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Rudy Project Triathlon

Rudy Project is a sports performance company that specializes in performance eyewear, prescription sunglasses, helmets, and sports gear. They are best known for their cycling glasses, but also make glasses and sunglasses for triathlons, motorsports and other sports.

Rudy Project can be seen on professional athletes Tour De France, Ironman races, Olympic Skiing and more wearing popular frames like the Tralyx, Defender and Agon.

Prescription Rudy Project Eyewear

All of Rudy Project's eyewear and sunglasses can be made in a custom prescription with a couple of models requiring a prescription insert. Note not every prescription is compatible in performance wrapped eyewear, however since we use the latest prescription lens technology from Shamir we are able to deliver amazing optical performance in a much greater range of prescriptions than before.

Reasons Rudy Project stands out among other brands to me is that Rudy incorporates important details to their glasses such as air vents in strategic locations to minimize fogging, quality materials that are comfortable, durable and don't slide on your face while in motion, interchangeable lenses, removable add-ons like wind/debris shields, fully adjustable nose pads (not common in sport eyewear), and high end lens materials and tints to enhance vision and more. I currently use the Rydon with prescriptions transition lenses with a mirror finish.

If you are looking for performance eyewear, I definitely recommend you give Rudy a try. Stop in anytime we are open and anyone of us can give you a hand selecting the right eyewear and tints for your activities.

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