New Adidas Evil Eye Evo Sunglasses (prescription compatible)


The Evil Eye Eyewear series (Evil Eye, Evil Eye Halfrim, and Evil Eye Evo) is a line of

eyewear designed for biking. Similar to many other Adidas lines these frames are very adjustable,

able to adjust the temples, nose pads and interchange the lenses from clear to many different

tints based on the weather. These glasses offer the most curved lenses amoung any of the Adidas

Eyewear allowing for the most protection from wind, rain, sun and more.

The Evil Eye Evo Pro (shown in white) and Evil Eye Evo (shown in black) are new models for biking but offer more protection as the frame and lenses are a bit larger. This makes it excellent for biking where eye coverage is key

and where goggles may be used. Excellent for mountain biking, motocross, enduro, atv riding and more.

The Pro version comes with a removable sweat bar to help prevent sweat from reaching the eyes and different styling options.

Prescription lenses are also available for this frame in clear and a variaty of tints and mirrors. Contact us to see if your prescription is compatible.

The blue mirrored lenses shown in the white Evo Pro frame are prescription lenses (prescription lenses shown are about -3.00). The black frame is shown with the non-prescription green mirrored lenses.


Photo above shows the lens locking system, where the Adidas logo is.


Lenses in the above two pictures are about -3.00 lenses.

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