Zeiss Snow Goggle & Prescription Insert Review

Hi I am Dr. Dave Brauner one of the optometrists at Terra Vision Care.

In this video I am reviewing Zeiss goggles and Zeiss prescription goggle inserts.

When looking at goggles there are a few things to keep in mind.

#1 Goggle fit & comfort, (no gaps and comfortable foam)

#2 Lens (spherical vs cylindrical)

#3 Ventilation (good airflow)

These are a higher end goggle, so they have all the features you would expect in a excellent goggle, such as dual lens system, helmet compatibility,

- Notable features in these goggles

- Spherical lenses

- Dual layer foam, with fleece lining for enhanced comfort

- Excellent goggle ventilation

But what sets this apart is the inserts

Zeiss inserts are for anybody who needs corrective lenses whether it be glasses or contact lenses.

The inserts will benefit current contact lens wearers and glasses wearers.

- Contact lens wears who wear their CLs while skiing, often complain of dry eyes or shifting contacts which both impact vision greatly and can be uncomfortable. And the reason is contacts will make any eye dryer when worn, and when skiing you have lots of airflow in front of your eyes which only dries the eyes out even more, (not to mention cold air is usually drier air).

- For glasses wearers, they usually need to first find a goggle that will fit over their goggles, hopefully its comfortable and if they accomplish that now they often deal with fogging glasses. The reason glasses are more likely to fog is they are usually closer to the face and not in direct airflow from the goggle venting system. And with the warm moist air near your eyes your glasses are more likely to fog, whereas the inserts are near the goggle lens and are wrapped similar to the goggle lens and therefore the ventilation is in between the insert and your eyes.


Clearer vision - no dry or moving contacts and less likely to fog than glasses

Most comfortable option - No contacts (less dry eyes) and no glasses pressed up against your face


No extended nose available, so may not fit faces with a flat nose

Rx is in the goggle, so with higher Rx's you may want to keep a spare pair of glasses with you for times you remove the goggle.

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