New App Helps Eye Care Professionals Identify Digital Eye Strain

New App Helps Identify Digital Eye Strain

Zeiss has developed a free downloadable app to help identify patients with symptoms of Digital Eye Strain. “According to the Vision Council, 70 percent of U.S. adults have symptoms of digital eye strain,” said Claude Labeeuw, VP marketing for Zeiss Vision Care North America.

However, most are unaware that these symptoms can be addressed with the right eyeglass lenses. This app gives an initial indication that the patient is experiencing symptoms, and helps eye care professionals start a conversation about how to address them with solutions like a Zeiss Digital Lens.”

The app exists in two distinct versions; one is tablet-based and designed for use in the practice, and the other is smartphone-based and can be downloaded directly by consumers. Each measures visual performance in the course of repeated changes of focus from near to distance, with an assessment provided at the end.

The consumer version gives the user the opportunity to learn more about Zeiss Digital Lens, and to find a Zeiss practice in his or her area. “Zeiss Digital Lens is designed for the vision needs of Millennials—roughly ages 20 to 35,” added Labeeuw. “This is the group that makes the greatest use of digital devices, and also has the highest incidence of digital eye strain symptoms. The app is available from iTunes and Google Play.


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