Prescription Ski Goggle Inserts



Benefits of prescription goggle inserts over glasses:


  • The insert is suspended within the goggle and therefore does not rest on your face or ears, as if you were wearing nothing at all.

  • The insert sits further away from your face when compared to glasses, reducing or eliminating common issues of lens fogging.


Benefits of prescription goggle inserts over contact lenses:


  • There is no need to deal with contact lenses and the dryness and tearing that is exaggerated with contact lenses while skiing and snowboarding.

  • Unlike some contact lens prescriptions, virtually any prescription is available, even high astigmatism.



To learn more about the inserts and goggles you can contact us at 403-719-5590 or stop in any time we are open. You may also watch our video review on Zeiss goggles and prescription goggle inserts below.





A prescription insert is a lightweight insert that sits inside your goggle with prescription lenses. The inserts can be made in any customized prescription - just like a pair of glasses.

NEW Ski Goggles In Store

Come visit us and try on our our performance ski goggles from Adidas, Nike, and Zeiss.  Our ski goggles have the technology to provide uncompromised vision, convenience, comfort and style. Most of all our ski goggles use spherical lenses for maximizing optics. Many of the our ski goggles also have lenses with quick change technology to easily swap lenses for changing light conditions. 

Zeiss Ski and Snowboard Goggle Review with Prescription Insert

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