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Goodbye and thank you for all the amazing years

It is time for us to announce that Terra Vision Care will be closing. We’ve had the pleasure and honor of taking care of so many of you and will miss you very much.


The last available appointment for an eye exam will be June 3, 2022. This will also be the last date to place an order for glasses/contact lenses. After this date, order pick-ups are all by appointment only.



Going forward, Dr. Dave will continue working at Sunridge Vision Centre, Dr. Tammy will continue at Campus Vision at the University of Calgary, and we are transferring our specialty sports/safety eyewear fitting to Modern Eye.



If you choose to continue care at Campus Vision or Modern Eye, they will transfer your patient file and no request to us is needed.

To transfer your patient file elsewhere, or request a copy of your prescription, please send an e-mail to Include your full name and date of birth. This e-mail address will remain available after closure for file requests.


We wish to thank you again for all your visits with us. You’ve given us the fondest memories of patient care and as friends - as we’ve grown to know you and your families throughout the years.


Take good care and thank you for all the amazing years,


Dave, Tammy, Riyah, Liisa

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Calgary Optometrists NW

Time for new eyeglasses? We offer a wide selection of new trend-setting frames that emphasize style, comfort, and practical consderations to optimize vision with each prescription.  Whether you need eyeglasses for work, life, and all things in between, our optometrists have you covered.

Calgary Optometrists NW

With our collection of optometric equipment, our patients receive a thorough and quality vision assessment, and ocular health evaluation. Our optometrists offer a wide scope of advanced diagnostics procedures such as digital retinal photos, corneal curvature measurements, and glaucoma-specific visual field evaluations. Click below to find out more.


Calgary Optometrists NW

Sometimes your regular everyday eyeglasses just don't work with an active lifestyle. We offer a generous line of Sport Eyewear, available with prescription, that will keep up with you and your activities without sacrificing comfort and durability. Come in and have a look today!


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