Golf Progressive Lens - RXO Golfer

RXO Golfer Progressive Lenses are designed for golfers who:


  • Already wear progressives 

  • Have trouble focus on the ball at different distances, particularly up close


The RXO Golfer is a progressive lens designed for golf and therefore has key differences from a normal progressive.


  • Two main focal areas, a large area for intermediate vision (to see the golf ball on the ground clearly, 1.5-2m) and a large area for far vision. 

  • A lower, and smaller, near vision area for viewing the score card, but is out of the way when playing.

  • Less peripheral distortion compared to traditional progressives, allowing you to view the ball out of the side of the lens immediately after striking the ball. This is also allowed through the wrapped design of the lens and frame. 


Don't wear progressives? We Have Regular "Single Vision Wrap Lenses."


​     Single vision wrap lenses are prefect for those who don't need a progressive. The high wrap lenses in the Adidas frames allow for excellent peripheral vision, which you wouldn't have in a normal pair of glasses. Lenses can be made in our golf tint LST Contrast, clear or various other sport specific tints.