Comprehensive Eye Exams


Why Comprehensive Eye Exams?

     Many eye exams focus primarily on your prescription, which is important, but only a small portion of your eye examination as a whole.


     Regularly scheduled eye exams with an optometrist should give due attention to your eye health as well, and be treated the same as a doctor’s appointment or a dental checkup. Prevention by early detection is key to maintaining your ocular health into the future.


What Do Our Optometrists at Terra Vision Care Offer?


1. Determination of your glasses/contact lens prescription.

     Your eye exam starts off with a profiling of what kinds of things you use your eyes for every day, what kinds of symptoms you experience every day, and whether you have a family history of any eye diseases.


2. Specific tailoring of your prescription glasses/contacts to the activities you need them for in everyday life.


     Once your prescription is determined, the optometrist can test that prescription for you in office. Details regarding what kinds of things you use your glasses for, how your computer is set up, and how far away you normally hold things, are all taken into consideration. Contact lenses are evaluated, in office, on your eye to ensure they are the proper fit, maximize vision, and promote eye health.

3. Overall assessment of your eye health.


     Another component of the exam consists of an assessment of your 3D vision, colour vision, evaluation of your visual field, measurement of your corneal curvature, and a digital photo is taken of your eye to help document your retina for future comparison.


     To completely assess your ocular health, a dilation of your pupils is performed. This allows the optometrist to view the entire posterior pole of the eye, which is particularly important in patients with diabetes, hypertension, glaucoma, macular degeneration, cataracts, and other eye conditions. Without a dilation, some parts of the eye can never be viewed, and therefore never monitored for signs of pathology.


Still have questions about our comprehensive eye exams?  Give us a call and we will be more than happy to answer any of your questions.