We carry a large variety of contact lenses with the latest technology. Our doctors emphasize both vision and eye health when it comes to contact lenses, fitting patients in contact lenses available in a wide range of spherical and astigmatism powers, high oxygen permeability, various material modulus choices for ease of handling, and with knowledge of which contact lenses are most suitable for certain eye conditions like dry eye syndrome.

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 Contact Lenses



Contact lenses come in a variety of sizes, shapes, materials, wear schedules, and are designed for specific eye environments. Before choosing the contact lens most suitable for your eye, our optometrists perform an evaluation of your vision needs (some people require contact lenses to correct vision in eye diseases, or some people require multifocal/progressive contact lenses) and evaluate the anterior surface of the eye (including your corneal curvature, tear film composition, and lid structure).


Why Terra Vision Care For Contact Lenses?

Our optometrists provide you with trial lenses before finalizing a new contact lens prescription.  This ensures the best fit possible, comfort, and proper vision before committing to any contact prescription. 




For more information about the types of contact lenses we carry or the services our doctors of optometry provide for contact lenses, please call us.  We are more than willing to answer all of your optometry related questions.